Ice Weather

We are very thankful the temperatures are supposed to be pulling up into the 40’s tomorrow!!!   We’re wondering if that is going to happen! We’ve enjoyed the winter wonderland.  We … Continue Reading →

Pondering 2009

…pondering 2009 while sitting on a carpet of bright green moss overlooking the wintry pass in the deep woods of Tennessee on this blustery day…

Citrus Update

The citrus fruit order (oranges and grapefruit) will be here on December 18th.  I will have it available for pickup at our farm Friday afternoon and evening on December 18th.  … Continue Reading →

Winter Oranges and Grapefruit

We will be participating in a winter fruit co-op this year.  If you are interested in ordering oranges and grapefruit…and live near us… you should check out the winter orange … Continue Reading →

Fall Apple Pick-Up

For those who ordered apples…..  They are almost here…. Stay tuned for pick-up times and directions to the farm.  I’ll be sending those out in the next day or so.