Upcoming Fall Ramblings

Ever feel like you fell off the wagon 3 miles back and have been running behind its dust trail trying to catch back up with it?  Or feel like the … Continue Reading →

The cat who pulled feathers…

Evidently, the farm boy knows more about his barn cat than we thought!  After breakfast, the little farm boy noticed the barn cat meowing at the back door.  He went … Continue Reading →

The Chicken Cow Cat

Our 6 year old came in the house a few days ago with an important farm announcement concerning our barn cat.  Missy Mouser is definitely pregnant!  She has a big … Continue Reading →

Mama at Work

I have great admiration for hardworking women of the past.  Past days long before dishwashers and washing machines.  Long gone times before grocery stores and fast food. Now, don’t get me … Continue Reading →

Farm Boy Work

I think it isn’t shocking to say that our culture at large has a very strong  hatred of  good honest work.  As a culture, we relish what is faster-quicker-easier…  The word … Continue Reading →