Egg Chores

A while back we transitioned our older boys out of the egg business. They were needed to do more complicated, bigger chores around the farm, like milking the cow. The … Continue Reading →

Baby Chicks

We had 4 hens hatch out chicks this summer.  The boys noticed the hens go broody and were able to separate them and place them in their own small chicken tractor so predators … Continue Reading →

2010 Spring Time on the Farm

It isn’t a understatement that we have been swamped with activity here on the farm. This year has brought us many changes….many good changes for our family and we are … Continue Reading →

The Chicken Cow Cat

Our 6 year old came in the house a few days ago with an important farm announcement concerning our barn cat.  Missy Mouser is definitely pregnant!  She has a big … Continue Reading →