2010 Spring Time on the Farm

It isn’t a understatement that we have been swamped with activity here on the farm. This year has brought us many changes….many good changes for our family and we are … Continue Reading →

Ice Weather

We are very thankful the temperatures are supposed to be pulling up into the 40’s tomorrow!!!   We’re wondering if that is going to happen! We’ve enjoyed the winter wonderland.  We … Continue Reading →

Winter Thoughts

My, how quickly late fall turned into the full force winter we are in right now.  I took this picture about 7 weeks ago…when we had some fall color left … Continue Reading →

Bow Making

 More on this later… but wouldn’t it be fun to make your own weapons from your own land?

Pizza Box Recycling

Were he to go to regular school, he might have gotten kicked out of school during craft time.  He took the pizza boxes from lunch and recycled them into handy … Continue Reading →

New house decoration…

I found this new home decoration sitting quietly in the living room the other day. He was trying out his ghillie hat he made. 

What Do You See?

It is amazing how much junk my boys collect and store in their pockets.  A while back I wrote a post about all the things I have found in my … Continue Reading →