Pastured Pork

We love farm raised meat!  We’ve been raising our own meat for several years now and it’s been such a blessing to our family. 

Last year, our momma pig had 5 piglets who have now grown up and are ready to head to the butcher.  I’m so excited about this for a couple of reasons:

  • First, it’s our first pigs born and raised on the farm. 
  • ….but mostly because… I won’t have to be dealing with the wake of destruction pastured raised pigs cause when they get loose. 

Most of the problems have been caused by one renegade pig who doesn’t seem to mind being shocked by the fence.  She regularly escapes from her nice pasture home only to venture into off limits territory to wreak havoc on our farm.  She’s eaten my flowers, rooted up all sorts of plants and trees, plowed up the front yard, broken into the chicken pen and eaten more eggs than we can count and eaten newly planted garden plants.  She’s ventured up on the back porch and knocked things around.  Last week, we caught her lounging in the small pond in our back yard after she broke the drain pipe and drained out all the water out. 

I will be happy to call her pork sausage! 

Speaking of…. we have pastured pork for sale now.  We are looking to sell 5 pastured raised hogs by June.  If you are interested (and live near us!) , let me know.   

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