Part 3: A Farm Boy’s Birthday Request Saga Finally Ends…Until Spring

February 13, 2008

I evidently did not write an update on the Farm Boy’s Chicks-the replacement shipment… 

The second shipment was indeed late…very late…a week late and it was even colder than 19 degrees.    I received an early morning phone call that went something like this:

“Hello….This is Nancy from the post office….well…I was just calling because we have a pretty big problem with one of your packages…..You see….the contents of the package are all deceased…we had to dispose of them….”

We decided to be happy with our 2 super chicks and try again in the spring…this time ordering from a hatchery that is a bit closer to us. 

5 Responses to Part 3: A Farm Boy’s Birthday Request Saga Finally Ends…Until Spring

  1. February 14, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    The McMurray catalog can get very worn around here. :) I also wanted to mention even though this is a different thread that I was very inspired by your posts about raising up our daughters to be godly keepers at home. (that may have not been your exact words) Anyway I printed out the list of what they could do at what age and our 6 1/2 year old dd is doing much more and loving it. Thanks for giving me a “push” in the right direction. There isn’t any women that I have met in our area who are raising their daughters in this way and sometimes I need a little direction and encouragement. Thanks again!

  2. February 14, 2008 at 8:49 am

    Our boys love those McMurray catalogs !!!!

  3. February 14, 2008 at 8:49 am

    We ordered our meat chickens from a small hatchery within a states thow of us….and they made it here within a day—so we will do that this spring.

    Shipping from several states away in the winter isn’t a good idea;-)

  4. February 14, 2008 at 8:44 am

    Oh, I’m sorry that the 2nd shipment didn’t make it either. We have always ordered from Murray McMurray and they always make it to Indiana in a day, 2 maximum. Hopefully all goes better in the spring. :)