How do I save my cow from bloat?

I hate when I have to ask this question.  It is the usual story – at least around here.  There is a new milker in the stall (both the cow and the boy), we are late for school, the barn door gets left loose, the cows take advantage and have free access to the feed barrel while everyone is gone.  We come home to an empty feed barrel outside the barn and a couple fat cows who are coughing and stumbling around like Cooter Jones.

As I groaned and shook my head in disbelief my mind starting rewinding back through all the farm experiences to the one I hate the most.  It was Bonnie Blue the blue eyed milk cow we lost to bloat.  Besides loosing her, I remember the hose down the throat, the smell that has to be one of the worst on earth, and the fluids that came through the hose with the force of a projectile from a rocket launcher.  Not a fun day on the farm.

So with that memory, I came to search and see if there were any possible other alternatives to help our cows.  It doesn’t appear there are a lot of options, but I did find this very detailed article that provides a wealth of information and I thought I would share for others that have to face bloated cows after a long day at work.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex6769

I hope you don’t need the article.  But, if you do, know you are not the first and won’t be the last.