Low Garden Production

Gardening is hard work.  Or at least it is for us!  It’s frustrating when you work so hard planting your garden only to look out the window one morning to see the goat eating up all your hard work and the chickens scratching up all your newly planted bean rows.  We’re trying to keep at it because we enjoy the rewards of working for our own food, but with being very pregnant and the extreme heat and humidity lately, the weeds are winning out. 

Earlier this summer, there was much excitement when we picked the cabbage we planted earlier this spring.  Beautiful, non-perfect, organic cabbage heads.  I cut up one head of cabbage and sauteed it with garlic, onion and some of the pak choi chinese cabbage left in the garden.  It was better than delicious.  We all enjoyed it not only because it tasted great, but it was all our hard work paying off in the form of good food from our own garden.  I also used the cabbage to make homemade cole slaw.  Delicious! 

Now our only garden rewards are the tomatoes.  Though not as abundant as last year, they are very prized and welcomed. 

It seems silly that something so simple could bring so much satisfaction….but it does. 

As a family, we are far from recapturing the lost art of gardening.  We’ve had many set backs this year and low garden production.  I’ve ended up buying more produce this year.  However, I know it is just a season and am thankful that we are learning from this hard gardening year that will hopefully make us more productive in future years!


  • Mike says:

    We’ve had a similar year.  Our weather has been perfect so we’ve no excuse except that, well, it’s hard.  We have no history of homesteading so it’s a challenge, and great joy, to learn.  I am thankful, however, that God has us in a time of life where we can buy produce when we can’t seem to grow it.  It encourages me to remember that were we in a time where you only have what you grow available to you, the stakes would be much higher.  Praise God that He provides in season and out of season…even if it is at the grocery store!

  • Vikki says:

    Praise God indeed Mike! We have felt the same way. Our weather has been hot and we haven’t gotten much other than tomatoes from our garden. Beth, I am curious how you do gardening with little ones. Are they napping? Are they there with you? Is an older child watching them? I only have 3 – ages 8, 2 and 10 mths – and I struggle with even getting out to be able to work in our garden. Suggestions? I might add that the 2 youngest are very adventurous and quick. 🙂

    • BethTN says:

      Vikki….right now, I’m not working in the garden because I’m very, very pregnant and it’s extremely hot.  My 6, 7, and 9 year old are picking the tomatoes and okra for me and bringing them in to me.  We’ve lost a lot of our garden due to the pigs and heat…and me being pregnant.
      However, when I am working in the garden, if I have really little ones…they are usually napping. Also,  I’ve often brought a play pen out to the garden and put babies in it while we work. 
      For the toddlers, I sometimes put them in the garden with me with a shovel and pail (like you would use at the beach) and tonka trucks in a place to play in the dirt away from where I am planting….sometimes that means outside the garden area–it just depends on what we are doing.  My older ones really come in handy with doing garden work or playing with a 2 year old.