Tennessee Flood

As most of you know, here in Tennessee we’ve just experienced the worst flood in a thousand years…or at least that is what they are saying.  The 1,000 year flood has wreaked havoc on the great state of Tennessee and we have been in a “survival” mode for the last week just keeping up with the basics of food and water. 

We had our power turned on last night after not having it since Sunday!  Our water situation is still not back to normal and we have much work to do around the farm to get our land repaired.  We are thankful our family and friends are safe and are grateful for the lessons we have learned this week…and are still learning from this event as things are still far from normal here in Middle Tennessee.   

Soon, I will be posting a flood journal with some of the things we did during the week and things we were learning and pondering as well as some pictures we took over the week.  For now, I’m trying to get the house back up and running. 

 I remember I have this thing called a washing machine…..