Seeing Spring Around the Corner

We are starting to see spring around the corner.  Sure, it’s 30 degrees outside now….but the sun was out today and it warmed up enough to send the kids outside in a coat to run around.  We’ve had a long, cold winter and we are very ready to thaw out a bit.

I’ve been aching to start gardening.  We’ve been pouring over seed catalogs.  We have a lot of seeds already that we saved from our plants last year, but it is always nice to look at all the nice pretty pictures in the seed catalogs.  I love all the variety that the heirloom seeds offer.  Green stripe tomatoes, yellow and red stripe tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, orange tomatoes, purple sweet peppers, chocolate peppers….  all amazing fruits and vegetables that God created for us to enjoy that are rarely, if ever, seen in a grocery store.

Here’s some of our garden load from last year’s garden.  We grew several different varieties of tomatoes.  We not only enjoyed the wonderful taste of heirloom, home grown garden tomatoes, but we all enjoyed watching our tomatoes grow and marveled at the diversity and uniqueness of these rarely seen garden varieties.  By the way…Wow, look at that green carpet of grass!  We’re looking forward to seeing that again!

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