Cheap Heirloom Seeds at $.20 cents a package!!!

I wanted to let you all know about the cheap $.20 cent seeds I found.   Inexpensive garden seeds are available at the Dollar Store and Walmart.  I found a large variety of garden seeds and herb seeds for $.20 cents a package.  If anyone else knows where to buy cheap seeds, please let me know! 

I found a lot of the $.20 cent seeds were old fashioned seed favorites or heirloom seeds.  I was thrilled with that find. 

I started several seed starter trays of warmer weather veggies from these seeds and 98% of them have come up already.  I’ll wait to plant these warmer weather plants when the weather warms up (around here that is May 1st for summer garden planting). 

I’ve already started my cooler weather seeds and they are doing great too.  I planted peas yesterday.  For those interested, I did count the number of seeds in the Little Marvel pea seed package.  There were 37 to 40 seeds in each package.  There were 18 to 20 seeds in Black Beauty zucchini squash seed packages.  The lettuce seeds had too many to count. 

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