Milk Nazis Shift Their Tactics in the War on Raw Milk

There is a preceptive piece from David Gumpert on The Grist.  David, of The Complete Patient, outlines the shift in tactics the government has been using to intimidate those who would “produce”, sell, or consume raw milk.  I don’t quote them below but he also gives a good outline of some of the major raw milk flashpoints in recent history in the article.

When the current phase of a nearly century-long government campaign to convince American consumers to abandon raw milk launched in 2006, heavy-handed intimidation tactics were the order of the day…

…Those earlier assaults on owners of small farms generated enough unfavorable publicity that federal and state authorities have opted for a less distasteful approach. The emphasis now is on ever-closer regulatory oversight of raw milk sellers and distributors, as well as court actions.

A major target over the last year has been private buying groups. These groups of anywhere from a few dozen to hundreds of consumers have organized in states where raw milk either is banned for general sale, or else available only from dairy farms. They have grown out of the exploding popularity of raw milk and the resulting demand by consumers to be able to conveniently obtain raw milk without traveling hours to a farm. In many states, they have long been tolerated … until now.

You can read the full article along with all the details of the previous and current government raids and tactics on  Also if you really want a good read check out David’s book, The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights.

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