May We Introduce You to The Penny Pantry?

Great Deal on Diapers Here

We gave you a tip of what was to come here.  Many of you know about the various shopping adventures Beth has had over the years and you may have noticed that some of her couponing articles have started to disappear from the blog.   Don’t despair, this is by design.

Beth has been working on an ebook detailing her shopping experiences and the many money saving secrets she has learned over the years.  We decided to launch a new web site in honor of the soon to be released e-book.  All the articles from relating to grocery shopping, couponing, pantry building, etc… have now been (or soon will be) moved to

This is an exciting adventure for Beth to share about a topic she is passionate about.  I’m looking forward to working with her to create an on-line e-course that will go with the new book in the near future.

For now click on over and checkout the great deals on stocking your pantry and be sure to check out the pre-launch special on the new book.

I’ll share more about what to expect from Vaughnshire in the near future.  We are hoping to refine the focus of the site a little more by narrowing the focus to topics specifically related to farming, agrarian living, slow food, and sustainable living.  It would be great to have your input as we move this direction.  I was considering configuring a poll to see how Vaughnshire might better serve your needs, but until I get around to something that official feel free to leave some comments if there is an area that would be helpful to your family.

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