Pregnant Dairy Goat

We have a pregnant dairy goat about to give birth to one or two kids.  I’m guessing one…others in the family are guessing twins.  We are anxiously awaiting!  The children have been updating us on her progress as they have been checking on her throughout the day every day for a little while now.  The first signs are usually that they notice the pregnant goat or animal is gaining weight and has a growing belly area.  Near the final stages of pregnancy in dairy goats, the milk goat’s udder will start to swell or fill and become very large in comparison to what it was previously. 

We suspect our dairy goat is within a few days of birth.  She has a very full udder, very fat and her birth canal area is looking quite different.  The children checked her tail ligaments.  Today, she’s indicating it will be very soon. 

Here’s Mally.  She is 75% Alpine and 25% Nubian….which will give your goat airplane ears!  She’s more friendly than the most Alpines and I suspect that’s the friendly-I-think-i’m-human-nubian blood in her. 

Here’s another good dairy goat resource we enjoy reading with detailed instructions and great pictures on how to check your doe’s tail ligaments and tail head:  Fias Co Farm


  • Tracy says:

    I’ve got 3 does I’m hoping that are pregnant. This is all new to me. My one doe is alpine that I have been milking and she is sweet and friendly as can be. The other 2 are alpine and oberhasli. I bred them with a buck that was saneen and alpine. Do you keep a buck? We “borrowed” one in exchange we’ll give them a doeling. I really wanted to find an alpine or oberhasli buck and couldn’t find one anywhere in our area.
    We hope to visit the Schiffman in March or April and really hope to visit your farm this time!!
    Tracy E. in Indiana

  • BethTN says:

    Hi Tracy….Do we keep a buck??? Well currently we have a nice Nubian buck that we’re hoping has bred our other goats. We borrowed an Alpine buck last year from a friend (which is what this goat is bred too)

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