Winter Thoughts

My, how quickly late fall turned into the full force winter we are in right now.  I took this picture about 7 weeks ago…when we had some fall color left and short green grass.  Here’s our milk cow, May, with her calf, Luther, who was born on October 31st…Reformation Day. 


Now, we bundle up for winter walks on the trail in the woods.  The bitter cold wind has been howling for days.  It’s a piercing bone chilling cold.   We follow the brilliant bright green moss carpet along trail. 


They found a “perfect picnic area”!  They cleared some of the sticks, rocks and thorn vines and rested a while talking about how they wished they would have brought a picnic lunch…or how maybe we could just all go back to the house and pack a lunch for a picnic and then come back….in the 40 mile an hour 27 degree wind.  That idea was better than the idea the 4 year old had of “why don’t we just go back home and play in the sprinkler”!


The winter sky beyond the web of sticks.  Winter beauty.  We were hoping for the snow to last longer than it did. 


We’ve had a lot of family time around the fire…a lot of mulled apple cider…and hot cocoa milk.  The fire wood is regularly being put to good use and plans are being made for the new year. 


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