Suicide of the West


This may be a tad old, but it is a revealing picture. 

The missing piece I see is that Islam is not pointing the gun at our families but yet we have embraced the liberal Hollywood life style that is in fact a style of death.  We kill our unborn children, we have killed the institution of marriage, our churches have been over run with radical arminian theology, and we wonder why our culture is crumbling.  First we turn our back on God and look to the state to save us, and then we wonder why Uncle Sam is committing suicide.  He is not equiped to be the saviour of all men.

We have one hope – Repent!  Turn back to a gracious Creator and seek to honor Him in every area of life.  Otherwise, it is RIP America.


  • Collin says:

    Unfortunately, that illustration sums up our political/social situation quite well, and in a single paragraph you’ve painted the rest of the picture. Brings to mind Jeremiah 18. May God have mercy on us as a people, and may he use my family (and yours!) to begin rebuilding the foundations.

  • Billy says:

    Seems pretty right on to me.