Busy and Canning

Lately, I’ve been consumed with canning.  Amidst the large family, the lively farm life, the mass of strewn out toys and dumped out drawers thanks to a very busy toddler, the table piled high with the beginnings of the homeschooling year and a host of other distractions, somehow, I have been learning to can.   It has been an amazing last few months of learning this lost art.  To think about food in August, that we are going to eat in January has opened up a whole new chapter in my home management. 

I’ve finally learned my quarts, pints, bushels, pecks, weights and poundages (if that’s a word)!  I can now officially look at a bushel of green beans, tell you how much it weighs and calculate how many quarts of green beans I can get out of it.  Wow…that’s information I never knew I needed to know.  I’m thinking about writing a domestic mathematics curriculum for girls!  

Today, I sat down and did some more calculations….. How many quarts will my family consume over the winter?   How many plants do I need to plant next year to provide me with the quantity of food our family needs?  Do you have any idea how many jars that is?  I think I’ll have to gradually work up to that point.  It probably won’t happen this year.  There is so much to think about and consider. 

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