The night the bat visited

I remember the first time I discovered the fact that real bats live real close to me.  It was quite disturbing.  There’s nothing like taking an evening stroll with your husband as he shows the kids how to make the neighborhood bats nose dive…. at us.  Everyone but me thought diving bats were the neatest thing on earth.  I was the first one back to the house. 

We have a lot of bats in Tennessee…real bats and scary caves like in Huck Finn.  Bats are very beneficial to have around the house.  I know that.  I just can’t get over the horrifying mental image…something resembling a flying rodent  with wings and tiny pointy ears and beady eyes  with sharp teeth and claws.  They eat around 1, 200 bugs every day.  They are mammals and give birth to live little “batlings” who nurse for about 6 months

The other day, one of the boys caught a bat in the loft.  I was outside in the yard when I hear our 12 year old yell, “QUICK..Somebody get me a jar with a lid…I think it’s going to bite me!!!!!!”

One of the other children ran to get the much needed jar…quickly.  He came out of the loft holding a very alive and creepy looking bat.  We were all amazed.  We had a great close up view of this incredible creature and decided to keep it to show dad when he arrive home later that evening. 


About 11 pm that night, when I was sitting at my computer checking my email, now in a quiet, dimly lit office.  I was interrupted by something swooping down right over my head.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that the “something” was that creepy bat and it didn’t take but a millisecond after that for me to become completely hysterical. 

With my hands covering my head, I ran down the hallway…screaming then quickly slamming the bedroom door I waited impatiently for my husband to catch the flying rodent.  He runs around the house for the next 20 minutes with the table cloth trying to out smart this keen sonar flying escapee. 

He did catch it…finally and returned it to the jar… this time putting the screw top lid back on that one of the children had taken off.  They feared the bat might suffocate in the sealed jar…so one of the boys put plastic wrap over the jar top right before going to bed.  He poked a few holes in the plastic giving the bat plenty of fresh air and a great opportunity for escape. 

The next night, we released the bat.  We found out that bats evidently don’t just jump up off the ground and fly away.  We eventually placed it near the sunflowers and it climbed up the stalk and swooped down and started flying around eating our bugs again. 

I was just sad that 1,200 bugs didn’t get digested the night the bat spent the night in my house.   I was glad to see it back at work and out of my house!


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  • Tracy says:

    Oh my….it would have probably taken quite awhile for my dh to coax me back in the house out of the van because that is probably where I would have ran. 🙂 Funny you should mention bats as I have had to listen to them in an old chimney of our house for the past month. Thankfully, a very closed off chimney except at the roof. I am guessing I was hearing baby bats. :O It was starting to creep me out and drive the cat nuts. I think they have finally left now. whew!
    Tracy E. in Indiana