Somebody Turned Off Summer

We really enjoy the changing seasons.  Last week our oldest son came in the house from evening chores and commented on how amazing it was that you could smell Fall in the air.  The nights have been cooling off rather nice.  Fall is in the air…in August.  It has been a very mild summer. 

This last day of August, as the sun started to duck behind the trees, our little 3 year old came romping thru the back door and into the kitchen and announced…

“Somebody Turned off Summer….It’s winter outside.  I need my coat!” 

I took a break from canning over the warm stove, stepped outside and sure enough discovered she was right.  “Hmm”…I said, “Someone did turn off summer…it’s down right cold out here!”  She nodded her head in agreement…and we came inside.  I made a mental note to find the jackets as soon as possible for these cool evenings…although I am sure we have several weeks of warmth still, Fall’s coming in faster than I expected!

I guess we should start collecting firewood before Someone turns on winter 😉


  • Collin says:

    Same here! I don’t think I can take much more of this global warming…

  • BethTN says:

    It’s been wonderful…. in the Al Gore’s global warming state… That’s all a joke around here… Tennessee has had some really fine weather this year. It’s amazing it is the same place that experienced such a bad drought 2 years ago….