Revival!… In Calvinism?


What happens when someone raised in the modern doctrineless church faces real life?  This is the question an article in today’s Tennessean attempts to answer.  This is an astounding article from such a liberal paper.

The post modern church often fails to realize that in their rush to remake God in our image, that is to say small and understandable to our human mind, they remove the very attributes of God that make him able to sustain us when our humanity will not.  If God is like us to such an extent that we can fully comprehended Him, then He ceases to be our refuge, our Lord, our King, or even our Rock in times of trouble.  The doctrines of Calvin, whatever trouble some may have reconciling them with what they they have been taught about God, rightly define the relationship between God and man.

God is big, infinite, eternal, all powerful and all knowing…and we are not.  Let us worship the King who reigns over all nations, who is able to rule over the most powerful kings of the earth and yet at the same time gentle enough to touch our very soul with the life changing truth of His word.  This King; our Lord, first loved us enough to grant us the grace that our hearts might be turned to Him and that we might trust Him in all things – that He would be sufficient, when our own understanding is not!

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