Food Fascism, Southern Culture, and My Garden

Thomas Moore, the chairman for the Southern National Congress, wrote a great essay late last month, that is well worth sharing.  He gives a great high level fly over of the root problem in the corporate food industry.  It doesn’t matter if the new laws, such as the Food Safety and Modernization Act of 2009 or the Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act, intend to curtail an individual’s right to purchase, trade, or consume healthy food grown from their own land, that is the effect.

In fact, we are already seeing many tyrannical “enforcement” activities on other less intrusive laws that are being used to intimidate and curtail the efforts of small family farms.  The existence of an organization called the “Farm to Consumer Foundation” who’s sole purpose is protecting small family farms against this abridgment of our rights by the federal and state government should tell us something of the times in which we live.

In fact Mr. Moore, declares that in these times planting our garden is a revolutionary act:

Today I committed a revolutionary act. It had nothing to do with firearms or marksmanship training. I didn’t organize a protest march or join the Underground. In fact, it had nothing to do with politics, except in the broadest possible sense. But it was revolutionary nonetheless. Today I finished spring planting.

How can such a benign activity be revolutionary, you may ask. In a sane and normal world it wouldn’t be. People have grown their own food from the beginning of the world. Agriculture has always been the foundation of civilization and the farmer a benefactor of mankind. But today we don’t live in a sane and normal world. The criminal Regime we live under is not content just to rob us of our liberty, our property, our dignity and humanity. It also seeks to control us by controlling the food supply. It seeks to strip us of food self-sufficiency and make us dependent, first on the central state, through food stamps, for example; and second, on the state’s real masters, the giant agri-businesses who determine Federal food policy. I call this process food fascism.

The article has since been removed, but you can commit your own revolutionary act by planting your garden today!

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