Calves For Sale

We have a little side business we wanted to let you all know about.  For the past couple months, we have been buying and selling dairy bulls and having quite a lot of fun in the process. 

We have made friends with a dairy not too far from us.  When they have a bull calf or several bull calves, they give us a ring…we load up and go pick up the babies.  Some of the babies are less than 24 hours old when we get them.  They’ve had their colostrum and are sent to us to care for. 

We bring them home and the children teach them how to take a bottle, run and play with them and they even get serenaded often by our little 3 year old.  They are fed twice a day by our boys.  They are selling them as bottle fed bulls or steers (they can castrate them for you if you would like). 


If you would like some great grass fed beef….contact us about getting a steer for your pasture.  We also raise grass fed beef here at our farm for those who don’t have a pasture or who live in town.  You can buy your calf and we will board him, feed him all the green grass and hay he wants, take him to the butcher and deliver your meat.  If you are interested, let us know and we can give you further details about beef boarding. 


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  • Nichole Horner says:

    My sons are wonting 2 raise bottle calves. Do u have any that you are selling or know where we can get some.