Breaking News…Laboring Goat

Warning  Graphic Farm Language:

Because things like this always happen to me when the husband has to leave to go to the city to earn our family some income…. This is how the morning has gone…

8 year old runs in the house…. frantically and out of breath …”Mom…something is really wrong with Ellie May—she’s trying to go poop but she can’t!”

He runs back out. 

Ellie May is our very pregnant Alpine Goat who is due today. 

I finish making 6 gigantic milk bottles for the bottle fed calves since the 8 year old was drafted into helping with milking the cow this week. 

He runs back in a few moments later…again frantic….”Mom, Quick…Something is really wierd with Ellie May…she has something sticking out her bottom….it’s like a leg or something.”

The house is in an uproar.  Our 10 year old daughter is on the verge of tears.

I throw the burning oatmeal off the stove, ramble off directions for watching the baby to my oldest daughter, assign tasks to the 3, 4, and 6 year old to keep them busy,  run to change my clothes in case I have to help deliver a kid, and run out side with the “How to Raise Goats” book in hand.  Sure enough, I find Ellie May up in the woods.  The second I approach, she grunts, turns around and drops a baby on the ground.  Less than a minute later, she drops a second! 


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