Green Beans in the Garden

Have I mentioned how much I like the hay mulch gardening method?  I just wanted to reiterate how GREAT it is!  We are just now getting to the point where we are bringing in something from the garden on a daily basis….and, oh boy, how exciting has this been for our family?  Very! 

Gardening is amazingly wholesome and good.  I love the down to earth, raw feel of the garden.  I love the incredible breadth and depth of God’s miraculous creation of real food simplified to seed, dirt and divine intervention. 


My “in the garden” update isn’t jazzy or spectacular.  In fact, what’s in our garden is what I consider small beginnings and a foretaste of things to come.  Realistically, a family our size needs over an acre of gardens to actually grow the food we need each season with enough to put away for the winter.  However, we are beginners and are still learning the ropes. 

One major lesson we have learned this year is that hay mulch gardening has revolutionized the way we think and the way we practice in regards to growing our food. 

Our green bean patch was planted not too long ago.  We pulled back the hay, exposed a row of dirt, sprinkled the seeds down the row.  Patted the dirt gently over the seeds and waited.  The plants quickly popped up.  Once they were a few inches tall, we moved hay in around the crooked and rows and let the green bean plants continue to grow.  Now the children are picking green beans and we are enjoying delicious foods straight from the garden.  It’s glorious!



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