More Cow Talk

Our boys are raising a cow for their grandparents.  They named him Tex.  They have been bottle feeding him for a while now and he is finally weaned!  He weaned from the bottle last week…he still likes Havala’s ear.   


I am sympathetic to the newly weaned calves.  They come bounding up to the fence when we come near thinking we have a yummy bottle of milk for them!  I think it is sad…everyone else doesn’t seemed bothered by the cute little cow trying to nuzzle his head up near us looking for that big bottle. Of course, I didn’t go out twice a day, rain or shine, for months feeding them either. 

However, such is farm life… little calves grow up, get fat and become hamburger. 

Today, we acquired 3 newborn…really newborn, one was less than 24 hours old… bull calves.  Tonight after a full day of chores, playing real live cowboy and dealing with 3 fragile not-yet-bottle-broke calves, our 8 year old remarks with pride after supper ….”Sure is nice having bottle fed calves back on the farm!” 

I laughed… Yeah!  Sure is nice having bottle fed calves back on the farm!!! … I think we went a week without bottle feeding before we jumped into it full time again! 

If all goes well, we hope to get these bulls healthy and strong, castrated, dehorned and ready to sell as nice family farm feeder cows.  We’ll keep you updated! 


  • Miss Mary says:

    that is the cutest little thing. I love animals especially small ones. -don’t mention hamburger-that’s too awful to think about.
    God Bless-Hugs

  • All calves must be the same 🙂 Ours suck on each other’s ears too! It’s so nice to be able to raise your own beef. And so neat that our children can be such a help to our famlies livelihood and to experience first hand the work that is involved. Especially rewarding for them to have a feeling of accomplishment in a job well done!