Mother's Day Gift from My Boy

Even with all the laundry and the messes…….all the endless work, there are amazing perks to this job!  Whether it is those little smiles, giggles, hugs and kisses…or those cute pictures they draw for me and fresh yard weed flowers they pick… motherhood is beautiful and incredibly rewarding and fulfilling every day, not just on Mother’s Day. 


My 6 year old little boy walked up to me on Monday while I was cooking with a surprise for me hidden behind his back.  With a cute smile on his face, he said, “Mommy, since I forgot to give you a mother’s day present yesterday,  so I have a surprise for you.” 


Out from behind his back he excitedly handed me an old dog food bag full of …something….  I cautiously opened the dirty bag and at first glance it looked like something dead…with lots of feathers…so I didn’t look too close.  Remember, not too long ago I said I was an experienced mother of boys?  With a forced smile and a sweet voice, I said, “Ohh nice…what is it?”

With a giddy smile he said, “It’s rooster feathers…just what you wanted.  There’s only a little bit of blood on them, but not too much.  It’s ok.” 

I did the over exaggerated “Ohhh, son..real rooster feathers…’re are such a thoughtful boy…. thank you, son!” and gave him a big hug and told him I loved him very much.  He stepped back all proud of himself with a big smile. He was so happy. 


He then proceeded to tell me about killing the bad rooster with his boot because it didn’t die all the way before he could pluck the feathers.  I stopped him short of the great story I am sure any boy would want to hear to find out if this event was “daddy approved”.   It was. 

He said he was sure I would love the feathers so he worked hard to pluck all the pretty ones and packaged them up for me. 

It’s memories like these that make the day in and day out work worth every bit of sacrifice.  Not every mom receives such gifts from her boy.  I could have never guessed how a dirty dog food bag full of fresh rooster feathers would have made my heart leap and my face light up…but it did. 

Today, his older brothers helped him clean the feathers and arrange them to dry.  I am thinking up something crafty to do with my feathers and still smiling at his creative thoughtfulness.  Maybe I’ll use some of those Mother’s Day rooster feathers and make my boy a nice Indian hat for his birthday!


  • thelindsayclan says:

    Don’t ya know, he is going to make a good hubby one day! So sweet–thanks for sharing this!

  • BethTN says:

    haha..yes! My 8 year old keeps telling me he want to make me some nice possum slippers once he traps his second possum–nice and thoughtful they are 😉