Updated – It's Now Legal to Drink Raw Milk in TN….

* Updated original post that mistakenly said the prescription bill had passed.  In fact the prescription bill was “amended” to be the cow share bill.

…if you own at least “part” of the animal. 

Here is the original bill that was amended: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/106/Bill/HB0720.pdf

The amendment completely changed the bill.  In a small farm hostile state it needed to be clearly stated that it is not illegal for us to consume milk from our own animals… Here is the amended language: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/106/Amend/HA0244.pdf

Shawn Dady gave a good comment on the importance of this wording on the Tennesseans For Raw Milk site and if I had read this before I posted, maybe I could have avoided spreading confusion about the prescriptions!

Update 5/22/09: Greetings! What an historic day. The TN Cow-Share bill is now law. The governor signed the bill into law today and it is a done deal. What this means is not that raw milk sales are legal, but it does mean that cow-shares and boarding have been fully recognized and declared as now legal. Contract law and private property rights, as outlined in our constitution, will be upheld in our state. This law SOLIDIFIES the postition that it is perfectly legal for an owner or a PARTIAL owner to drink THEIR OWN cow’s milk. PARTIAL is a very key word in this bill. In fact, without this word, the bill would not be the same and would not carry the weight and strength that it does. Partial owners are cow (or any hoofed mammal) share owners and the bill states their legal position loud and clear. Now farmers can enter into share/boarding contracts free from worry that a government agency will tell them they cannot. This bill clears the way for them. 

Also, if you want to find some good reading about Raw Milk visit the TNRawMilk links page: http://www.tennesseansforrawmilk.com/links.html


  • Kim says:

    Interesting! My 5yo might actually be able to get one (if we took him to doctors hehe). He is highly allergic to pasteurized milk where we had an epipen prescription for him, but he can drink raw milk!
    I’d be interested in talking to you about some pet food milk 😀 We actually have met a couple times at your church and I *think* live in the same county. My husband told me to ask you to email us (since I can’t find an email here on the blog) about your milk.
    I am pretty sure our email is in my profile for this login. If not you can comment on my blog and it goes to my email. We may see you at church this Sunday if not.
    Thanks so much
    Kim Christensen

  • tkonvalin says:

    Hi Beth:
    Too bad you cannot ship perscriptions or some milk for our cat:) I know it was great to partake of the milk when we visted a couple weeks ago. It was just what teh doctor ordered.