Homeschool Science Lessons from the Frog


The frogs and toads are out in full force.  Night time is a symphony of sound.  I love leaving the windows open and listening to the night sounds…that is until I am reminded we live on a farm with renegade roosters who know where my bedroom window is. 

Our science lessons are all around us…outside. 

My kids love picking up all the frogs, toads, lizards and salamanders.  Even as a kid…I didn’t like touching them.  My girls fight over who gets to hold the frog next. Frogs are their babies and they get pretty serious about taking care of them by building lavish 5 gallon bucket homes for them with lots of grass and “pretty flowers” for them.   

Lately, there have been plenty of frogs to go around.  In fact, our ponds are being over taken with thousands of baby tadpoles or as the 3 year old says…the “tad-uh-polts” (say it just like you would catapult.  She has brothers.)  One day not too long ago we spent a morning out at the pond…watching hundreds of frogs mate.  The kids thought it was a great.  Frogs give me the creeps…especially hundreds of them…mating…and carrying on like they do. 

The boys brought me a present one night…a 5 gallon bucket hopping mad with frogs they had captured on the way back from the milking barn.  They knew how much I would enjoy a 5 gallon bucket of frogs…that’s what made it so funny for them. 

We have bull frogs, tree frogs and toads…all kinds…all over.  I was pleased, however, to find out that the tad-uh-polts make great duck food.  And when they finally leave the pond, the chickens are in for a real treat. 

Lately, the frogs have provided a great opportunity to observe, discuss and learn many important science lessons for all of us.  The best thing about frogs is that they eat a great many bugs.  That makes me happy! 

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