Garden Thoughts

I absolutely love the garden.  I think I have always loved gardens. 

I would love to turn our whole yard into one big giant, garden jungle with lots of herbs, fruits and veggies if there wasn’t such a thing as weeds.  I don’t have time for that though.  I’ll focus on my little patch and see if we can make it produce more food than weeds. 

I stopped by another Amish family’s house after I saw their big “Plants This Way” sign.  I bought 18 more larger tomato plants for $5.  What a deal especially since my starter tomatoes didn’t last very long…the chickens got to them first.  The tomato plants in the garden are outnumbering everything else so far, but I hear it takes a lot of tomatoes to make sauce out of them. 

The boys expanded the garden fence area and put chicken netting around it for now.  One day I will have a real fence around it.  It still isn’t a big enough plot for our size family, but it will have to do for now. 

This year we thought we were a little more preemptive on our weed control.  I have used thick layers of straw around the lettuce, broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage.  We also are trying our hand at the black row plastic cover and seeing if it will make a difference this year.  However, after reading about weed control do’s and dont’s, I already blew it on some of the “don’t ever” rules of weed control.  And after days and days of rain—you can’t really tell I even tried to be preemptive on the weed control. 


We planted some onions that I had bought at the store.  I didn’t buy them to plant, I bought them to eat but they started to sprout so we planted them to see what would happen.


Here is a lettuce musclun (mixture) that I planted from a seed packet a friend gave me.  We planted the lettuce seeds by sprinkling the seeds on the ground and then sprinkling some soil on top. 


A few brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli plants. 


Here are about 10 tomato plants we are experimenting with.  We laid down a row of black row covering plastic to hopefully help with weed control and then punched holes in the plastic to plant the tomatoes.  So far, these are the biggest tomato plants and they are already flowering?  These tomato cages are made out of left over field fencing.  In the winter time, they are easily stored in the barn loft.

My biggest gardening problem this year is my lack of good soil.  We grow good rocks!  I need about 3 feet of good, fluffy dirt.  I guess I should focus on building a massive compost pile!


  • Jeff Kendrick says:

    I can’t imagine a better way to live and to raise children. May God bless you. He blessed me through you.
    Just found your site and have been absorbed for over 5 hours. Your writings are like a divinely inspired book with some good Christian humor that takes me back to my childhood.
    Earlier today I found an old post (2007 I believe) by Paul concerning the national political party to which you belong, and a very disheartening abortion problem within the party. I now have a question and comment but can’t find Paul’s post about the political party. (I’m still having problems with computers.) Please allow me to enter my post under Beth’s post from earlier today.
    I understand why Mormons can vote for abortion in the case of rape, etc. Their leader says they can, and their Bible is not the Christian Bible. QUESTION: How can a Christian, who believes the Bible is the infallable Word of God, vote for abortion under any circumstance?
    COMMENT: I believe the answer is as follows: In the end times, to paraphrase, right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. And, of course, there is much confusion. Any confusion in Christ’s church, I believe, stems from (1) the Devil and, subsequently, (2) man’s prideful ideas of Christianity that conflict with Christianity as explained by God in His Word. There are confusing issues and mysteries in God’s Word, but there is a Holy Spirit God gave us to discern the truth when God chooses to reveal it. For instance, I can understand why one might believe in pretribulation, tribulation, or post tribulation. But I cannot understand how a Bible believing man can conclude that killing an unborn child is condoned in scripture, unless that man is NOT under the authority of God.
    There are some issues that cannot be comprised, and abortion, like the virgin birth and the ressurection, is one of them.
    May God give us (me included) a pure, humble heart, a desire to know God’sWord, tolerance when appropriate, steadfastness when God’s Word is challenged, and a love for all, including the lost that results in our “boots on the ground” and souls being won to Christ!
    Thank you Paul and Beth.

  • PaulTN says:

    Thank you for your very kind words. I would agree, it is hard to understand how the Church of Jesus Christ could embrace something that is so antithetical to who He is, but yet the broader evangelical church in America does. I think you hit the nail on the head, the modern church is really at odds with Biblical Christianity.
    This is a dangerous place to be, as the scripture you referenced says, Woe unto them who call good evil and evil good! We will be humble, it is just a matter of if we will bend our own knees or if the Rock will fall upon us and bend them for us. 🙂 I pray God grants us the opportunity to repent of our sins before He calls us to account.
    Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to comment.

  • Jeff Kendrick says:

    You’re welcome and may God bless you, your wonderful wife, and those 5 gifts and blessing from God with their mud, bugs, coons, and smiles.

  • jacksonmom says:

    Oh! The compost will be wonderful. It’s such a great way to turn yukky kitchen remnants into fabulous “fluffy” soil. 🙂

  • BethTN says:

    I love composting…I just need to get a lot more going. I am hay mulch gardening this year and it seems to be really helping the soil…..

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