2009 Pigs


We have pigs again.  Actually, one of the pigs is our cousin’s pig.  We are pig-sitting for them until the pig grows big enough to go into their pasture and not escape. 


We bought these ready to be weaned pigs from another family who lives near us. Our 17 year old friend already castrated and cut the teeth of what was his first litter of piglets…and helped my husband catch the pigs, both escaping from the upset momma pig just in time.  We were very excited to get pigs from our friends…locally..as they sold out fast!


One of the pigs evidently didn’t want to be weaned yet.  He bothers the other pig by trying to latch on to his ears and nurse.   The pig doesn’t much enjoy having his ears bothered…so they squeal and carry on a lot! 

We have learned many lessons from the pigs over the last couple of years.  Our little ones have seen first hand why we don’t eat like pigs, make noises like pigs or keep our rooms like pigs keep their sty!

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