Garden Lettuce

I love garden lettuce.  I would love to grow lettuce year round since it grows well in cooler weather.    These are the starter plants I bought from the Amish community not too far from us. 


They started off looking a bit puny after I planted them.  And then the goats ate one row of them and then chickens  broke into the garden a few times and caused problems….

I planted a mixed lettuce patch from seed that is popping up nicely.  I am hoping that the weather stays nice so that it does well. 

Here is what my starter plants currently look like.  So far this week, I have picked lettuce daily—nice sandwich lettuce and bowl salad lettuces for supper.   


I have some tomatoes and peppers started in little peat pots sitting in egg cartons.  We let them stay inside on the kitchen counter until it warmed up a bit more.   I think this week is looking like a good garden planting week! 

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  • Regina says:

    We have never tried lettuce but yours looks really nice. We have our garden in the ground and are hoping for a good crop. Last year was so dry that we could not get much canned so we are hoping for more this year. My daughter and I just began canning some of our vegetables a couple of years back and we love doing it together. She and I, along with her three daughters, have a great time in the kitchen, it is a nice chance to make some good memories!