Calf Chasing

We have a new exercise…it’s called calf chasing.  You can join us every morning and evening if you like.  It’s what you do when you buy a bull calf that does not like you. This only looks like a leisurely morning walk.  The boys are chasing the calf around the pasture so that they can force feed him his milk. 


Thankfully, the other’s like us. They look forward to bottle feeding time and eagerly await.   


The kids are very excited about the new babies and are enjoying feeding them the big bottle.   



  • Miss Mary says:

    that is so adorable. the little ones feeding the calves are so cute. great pics. (oh yeah how much weight have you all lost) :- 0
    I mean chasing the calf around is really good exercise.

  • BethTN says:

    Well…no weight loss…just increased hunger around here— the kids eat more when they are running around 😉
    Actually…this little bull calf came up for last night’s feeding! Shocking! But I think he is getting use to the place –hopefully! He’s eating grass and drinking out of a bucket—yea!

  • That’s a really cute picture of Annabelle ~