Snowy Sheep in March


On the first day of March, we awoke to a blanket of snow over our farm.  It snowed last year in March as well…that seems to be a common trend here.  Snow is so blinding bright and white…and wonderful.  It makes the noisy world around stand still.  Ok, well, the farm was still noisy with roosters crowing, sheep baaing and goats maaing and one unmentioned animal screaming…literally.  But it was a beautiful sight to behold…the snow…not the screaming goat. 


Here’s our 11 year old son’s yearling ram.  The ram’s name is Winchester.  He’s a great fellow who loves to romp and play except he is getting too big and strong.  Sheep make a low baa-baa sound.  It’s quite a funny sound.  When Winchester baas, our 3 year old yells back at him saying, “Stop being grumpy, Winchester!”

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  • Miss Mary says:

    wow- we got just a few snow flurries to make a dusting. Thankfully. Although snow can look pretty at times, like in your pictures, I’m a Spring Gal. I don’t like cold, snow or winter much.
    I also like the pictures of the chick eggs. I hope they do well for you. I guess it would be touch and go for a while.
    Hugs and God Bless.
    I have added you to my friends list (hope you don’t mind)