Look! No Horns!

Our Nubian milk goat’s horns fell off after about 3 1/2 weeks.  Here’s the story about how and why we banded the goat’s horns:  The Trouble with Goat Horns

Here’s a picture of her with horns.


Here’s a picture of her horns in the process of falling off.


Wow! Look at that!  No Horns!  Here’s a picture of her without horns!


And here are the horns.


After going through this process, we would highly recommend it to anyone who has a goat with horns.  However, it needs to be done fairly early.  We have two more goats with horns, but after checking them, their horns and skull are fully fused and it looks to be a bit more difficult than it was on our young Nubian.  We still might try it on them, however, we will wait because this “operation” should not be tried during warm weather.  Evidently, fly season can cause some major complications. 

Our biggest problem was that she kept getting her head and horns stuck in the fence.  After her horns were banded, they were very sore and weakened over time.  Having her head stuck in the fence and then having her knock them around trying to get untangled from the fence caused her horns to bleed some.  We put cayenne pepper around the horns to stop the bleeding.  I think you could use goldenseal sprinkled around the base of the horn to prevent infection and to dry it up as well. 

Overall, we are very pleased that banding a goats horns actually worked!


  • Lisa Gauger says:

    I have a two year old alpine doe, is it possible to dehorn her? Can you refer me to a website that covers this topic in greater detail. Thank you

  • PaulTN says:

    Here is the link to our write up on it.  Each goat is different, and it just depends on the horns and how well you can get to the core of them.


    We had different success with different goats.  There are other articles out there, but I couldn’t seem to find them at this moment.  We cover a lot of the details in the link above.  If you have any questions we don’t cover and that we know we’d be glad to help.

  • Lin Staley says:

    How old is the goat that you dehorned in the picture. I have 2 goats that are 6 months old that need to have their horns removed. Are they too old for the banding process?