Just a few farm tools for the pond

In an effort to repair his pond from the devastating effects that the 2007 drought caused, he has been tending his pond like a sick puppy (…like he would attend a sick puppy, not like I would…).

He’s already added bentonite clay. 

Today, he walked in the house with a big bag and a box and a smile.  A bag of water with grass carp swimming around in it.  And a box of ducks.  And a smile on his face.  I’m assured they are just farm tools…not more animals. 


Ducks to help seal the pond and grass carp to eat the grass in the pond. 


We know nothing about ducks yet, so hopefully they will live longer than the ducks do in all the stories I hear people tell me.  Have you noticed that no one has ducks very long??  We had a nice bedding spot for them but they quickly messed it up.  They promptly began to eat the wood shavings we laid down for them.  That can’t be normal or good.

So we are trying to learn Duck 101 tonight?  These farm tools didn’t come with instructions! 


  • Kim says:

    We have had great success with ducks! And they aren’t in a pen at night or anything. They do stay somewhat close to the house at night as we feed them there but we haven’t had any losses to predators being that close to the house. We don’t have a pond though so that may make a difference in losses. Our ducks in fact multiply like mad and we always have WAY more than we care to butcher each year. We also have Muscovies which are hardier than most breeds of ducks. If you need any Muscovy babies this year, we’ll have 40+ in a month or so and live 30 minutes or less from you probably.
    Ducks really aren’t hard and they won’t die eating some wood chips lol. They’ll learn they’re not yummy. But they love love love greens. Ducks and geese spend most of their days in water and eating greens. So if you want to make them move away from the shavings, have the littles pick all these new greens we’re having in Middle TN for them. They’ll love it. They will make a mess with their waterers 🙂 The water needs to be deep enough that they can get their nostrils cleared out. They’ll eat and then drink and clear out their nostrils and make a huge mess. But they’re super sweet and wonderful. We love them. And of course, duck eggs make the best cakes hands down.
    Enjoy the babies!

  • Lynn5 says:

    Our kids raised ducks for 4-H. Pekins are very prone to Bumblefoot (a painful abcess on the bottom of foot.) Our favorite
    Pekin Duck died from Avian Botulism. Our neighbor had given
    us grapes that had sat out in the sun to long. If picked produce sits in the heat too long, Botulism Spores can develop. We never figured out how to keep them from wasting so much food. Since
    water must be right next to their food. Despite that we love ducks!

  • Tracy in Ky says:

    If your pond freezes over in the winter, provide safety for your ducks. When the pond freezes they are more vunerable, because they can’t get away from predators. We lost three this winter when the pond froze.