Warmth and Reflection

Single digits on the thermometer make outside very uninviting.  It is just plain bone chilling cold even when it is 30 degrees during the day.  However, we are supposed to get a reprieve soon with a 60 degree day.  Yippee, we all rejoice and will be looking forward to soaking in the vitamin D hopefully this weekend.  We all need it. 

There is nothing quite like the deep warm heat of a cozy fire on these cold days and nights.  We love our wood stove.  IT is a must in a old farm house with little insulation and drafty windows. 

We gave our 8 year old the job of bringing in the firewood.  Being a middle child, sometimes we forget to require an appropriate amount of work from him.  It is habit, I guess, for parents to rely on their older children to much.  Our young boys need those special jobs and responsibilities to keep them involved in the needs of the family.  It does something to a young man to give him such an important job.  He knows he needs to keep a row of wood lined up near the wood stove and he takes his job seriously. 

We are especially grateful to some special friends for blessing us with a trailer full of wood.  It is those little things that mean so much.  A few years ago, I didn’t value chopped wood.  As it overflows on our porch, it is a beautiful sight to me. 


I was sitting admiring the warmth of the fire last night thinking about how we have lost real meaning and understanding to many things in life.  Wood for example.  To think that 100 years ago a family would have to rely on gathering enough wood for their family for the winter or they might literally freeze and die.  And they didn’t have heavy duty chainsaws to ease the labor.  Saws and axes and a lot of back breaking work chopping and hauling wood.  It isn’t like chopping and hauling wood today isn’t back breaking work–it is for sure.  But can you imagine the amount of planning and work involved just in keeping warm for the winter!  It is amazing to think about. 


While we currently have it easy today by comparison, I am glad to have those snidbit reminders.  It is humbling. 

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