Town Home Gardening

Don’t despair if you live in town and want a garden…You can still have a great, productive garden!  We planted our very first garden during our first year of marriage.  We lived in a tiny house in the middle of town.  It was a great little garden.  We planted tomatoes, corn, peppers, squash and a few other things.  I had so much squash and didn’t have a clue of what to do with it so I gave it to my neighbor.  One day she brought over a recipe card for a squash casserole she made often with all the squash…she figured I could use some help.  Every time I make squash casserole, I think of her and that little garden we had.

herbsWe planted our little garden in the little flower bed we had in our back yard.  My husband planted corn along the fence line—yes, big tall corn stalks grew up out of it and we shucked a lot of corn which I ended up freezing. 

Many plants do well in containers…you can have some nice pepper plants in pots sitting on the porch.  I have a small herb plant sitting in my kitchen with basil and parsley growing in it currently.  I pick the tops off the plants often and add to soups or other dishes I am making.  Herbs are very easy to grow indoors on your kitchen counter.  Here’s a picture of my turkey herb planter.  It just received a pruning.  You can plant your herbs in any old pot and as they grow, prune off, pluck or snip off the top of your herb.  It will grow back.

I was all excited about my new strawberry patch I planned out this year.  My plan was to have it in a long flower bed along side the sunny side of my house.  It was going to be perfect place for my patch until my husband bashed my dreams with mentioning how that would be a great way to draw snakes up near the house.  Never mind, I think I will reposition the strawberry patch somewhere else.  This cold dreary winter made me forget about the frightful creatures that we encountered way to often last year

Berry bushes, fruit trees, veggies can all be planted no matter where you live:  town or country.  There are some great dwarf fruit trees that are perfect for smaller spaces.  Lettuce is a great boarder for flower beds.  I love a flower bed packed with a variety of lettuces.  It is practical, useful and beautiful. 

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