Simple Goat Talk

We are by no means goat experts…  As I have mentioned before, with a lot of things in life, we learn by what not to do next time.  We have had our fair share of goats over the years and have learned more than we ever wanted to know about goats only to find out we didn’t know the half of it.   

We have had experience with Boer, Alpine, La Mancha, Nubian and Pure Crazy Mutt goats.

So far, the Alpines are our favorites.  They have a good disposition and give good milk.  They aren’t loud and have been easy to work with.   

We recently acquired a Nubian milk goat and quickly figured out why our friend who has a goat farm doesn’t have Nubians!  Most people like the “look” of the Nubian goat because of their cute long ears.  However, looks are deceiving.  Nubians have an annoying NEED to be friends with humans.  They are  incredibly loud and vocal. 

Our cute nubian, Chesnutt, loves people.  She follows us around and nibbles at your buttons and buckles  and anything interesting and shiny you might have on you.  She will walk right in the door of the house uninvited or try to get into the truck with you when you are trying to leave.  She quickly learned the art of milking and has been relatively easy to milk and handle. 

We have, so far, only milked the Alpines and Nubian goats.  Although goat milk does not have a lot of cream, we do like the milk a lot!  For a large family, one milk goat will not provide you will all the milk you need.  Milking a couple of goats will give you enough milk for drinking and cooking.  And if you can time it right, you can space your milking does out just so you can have year round milk.  While some are expecting, you can milk the ones who are not.  When those have their babies, you can plan to breed back the ones you had been milking. 

One of the greatest things I love about dairy goats is the fact that the children can learn how to milk and eventually can take over the job of milking all by themselves. 


I snapped this picture last spring of two of my children pushing and pulling one of our milk goats back up to the pasture where she was supposed to be. 


  • Collin says:

    I’ve been seriously considering getting a few Nubians this spring, but now you’ve got me thinking again. I’ll definitely look into Alpines. Can you recommend a good source?

  • BethTN says:

    Nubians are very cute… They have some good qualities—I’m just saying that the one bad quality (being loud, noisy and talkative) outweighs a lot of their good ones in my book–
    One of the things i do love about them is that they are short hair—alpines have longer hair—
    You should do a comparison between the different goat breeds and see what works for you– you may not mind a little more noise.

  • BethTN says:

    as for recommending a source….
    Depends on where you live… I will have to post some good tips for those seeking to buy milk / dairy animals. BOY have we learned a lot about that!

  • Collin says:

    We’re in northeast Arkansas but have lots of friends in west and middle Tennessee. If I need to make the trek over there to find a good breeder, I’m more than willing to do so. I’m the type that would MUCH rather spend more to buy a quality animal now, hit the learning curve as hard as I can and start my herd off right rather than go through several inexpensive, lesser-quality animals.
    Any tips you can post would be MUCH appreciated!