Pantry 2009: Canning for the pantry

I’ve been working my way through a book entitled Self-Reliance:  Recession-proof your pantry.  It is a short book from Backwoods Home Magazine that a friend of my let me borrow.  Wow– is it amazing.  Amazing how ignorant I am when it comes to knowing about building a real, well-rounded pantry that will last longer than a week. 

Ideally, I would like to stock my pantry with lots of my own food that I grew on my own land…that I canned myself.  It’s easier to dream than make those dreams become reality sometimes.  I tried canning last month.  I loved it.  However, I also am smart enough to realize that I am in a very busy baby season of my life.  My babies also seem to inherit our overdrive, high-gear, no brakes, unlimited fuel gene which makes life even more interesting.  Ohhh Joy, I love it!  Which means that some of my ideals have to go out the window.  Canning all my own food is not my goal this year.  Learning how to can is one of my goals.  For now, I’ll grab the sales at the store, keep reading and learning and dreaming of the day when I can “Can” big time batches of food.  I’ll admire my small canning jobs in the mean time. 


I spent a lot of time canning applesauce and apple butter.  It’s all gone now, but we sure enjoyed every bite and it was well worth the time and effort!  I do have every intention of working small canning batches into this years gardening.  Green beans, tomatoes….meat!  Canned meat??!!  Yeah…my friend was telling me about it the other day.  She discovered how easy it is to can barbeque pork and I am anxious to see her new trick in action.  We were throwing around the idea of having a canning party– you know, a get-together with the ladies to can!  That sounds like a great time to me!


  • iamabibliophile says:

    I have been lurking since January. I am excited to see all of your posts on pantry building and canning. In September I found Backwoods Home magazine at my local library…I’m hooked.
    I bought myself a 2 year subscription for christmas and got the book Starting Over by Jackie Clay. She is an amazing woman. I highly recommend the read. She also has a great blog…with canning recipes on I learned a lot from her book on how she cans meat. I’ve been feeling led to learn about self-sufficiency and the art of building up our food stash lately…it seems God is preparing many of my God-led friends as well.
    Good luck on learning the art of canning and I look forward to more posts! (My two homeschooled girls enjoy your posts about the kids and their farm-life adventure too!)

  • amys says:

    Hi Beth-
    I love this post. This past summer was my first time to really “can” alot. I loved it too. I was able to can beans, tomatoes, jams, pickles, peaches, applesauce…probably over 100 jars in all. I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to doing it again this year. But like you, I’m also in “baby season”. Actually we have another baby due at the end of April. So this gardening season will be interesting :).
    I love the idea of doing a canning party. I had actually been thinking of doing a canning class/demonstration sometime soon for those who are interested, but may be intimidated by the whole process. But again….the further I get in this pregnancy…my dreams and reality are on different ends of the spectrums :).
    Please let me know if you do plan to do a canning party.

  • Miss Mary says:

    Wow you have a lot of stuff on you site, so informative. I wish I knew how to can. To much involved , I wouldn’t know where to begin. Any how I have a lot of reading to do ; 0) , so I’ll just say a quick hello and hope your week-end is great.. Hugs