Pantry 2009: Buy More Food

I have not posted as much as I originally intended about pantry building.  It has been a subject that has consumed me these past two months of the new year.  A good sort of consuming.  So I hope to journal more of my thoughts on the subject in the near future. 

pantryI have been reading books, like Self-Reliance:  How To Recession Proof Your Pantry, learning a lot,  evaluating my own pantry and, in turn,  motivated to make some huge changes.  I have been more focused on stocking up on  great coupon deals at the grocery stores.  I’ve also been evaluating my bulk food purchases.  I’ve been searching high and low for a Guernsey milk cow.  (evidently Guernseys are about extinct within 1,000 miles of me)  And most importantly, I have been evaluating our self-sustaining vulnerabilities: growing and producing food.  I’ve been planning our garden and greenhouse.  Having a garden is an amazing pantry asset that I am really looking forward to this year! 

But alas, my pantry still needs lots of help. 

Modern homemakers do not keep near enough food in their house to weather any kind of storm.  We don’t know what a real pantry looks like and frankly, most of us haven’t a clue about weathering any sort of turmoil because we have always had “convenience” handed to us on a silver platter or close to it.  We have been way to dependant on mega food corporations for too long.  That’s not to say that grocery stores are evil.  Far from it…it’s our extreme dependency that is crippling. 

While I don’t have immediate plans to hide 25 lb bags of salt under the bed or cans in between the couch cushions (or maybe I do), I am motivated to super size my food stockpiling hobby.  Uncertain times, failing economies, inflation, economic depression, job loss, bailouts: no matter, our extreme dependency and ignorance will soon turn around and bite us.  No matter what happens….I’m buying more food. 

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  • aprongirl says:

    I also have felt convicted to increase my stock piling. It really is a shame that in our modern times, it is so rare to even stock pile at all. One small way that I have started stockpiling is that I buy several bags of beans each time that I go to the store. I feel that the less dependent we are on the government, the better off we truly are.