How to Plow a Field


This isn’t what I was searching for when I found this post, but I figure it will be useful when we get ready to plant some row crops soon.

How to Plow a Field

Enjoy the read.  I can sympathize with the comment wishing his grandfather was around to show him how to do all this stuff!  We have a major generation gap in agriculture and agrarian living.  The one positive note is that if you can find an aged farmer who has this knowledge they are usually more than willing to share with you any information you might need.  It seems that most of their children have run off to the city and no longer care about the things of the farm. 

This is a sad assessment of farm families.  But, I have a feeling with the economy being what it is, grandma and grandpa may be seeing a renewed interest from their family in they life they are living!

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