Hatching our own eggs…

We thought it would be a good experiment to see if we could reproduce our own chicks without having to buy chicks from the hatchery.  All this self-sufficient, self-sustaining talk is more complicated than the books tell you it is. 

Our son has a flock of white leghorn chickens.  They are not disappointing him with their amazing egg laying capabilities.  They are amazing egg producers even in the winter!  However, they are bad mothers and do not hatch out their own chicks.  To keep his business going, he is thinking about the future and preparing his next batch of chicks. 

That is why I currently have a small incubator sitting on my kitchen counter, incubating 50 eggs he collected from his hens. 


First, to hatch out your own eggs.  You will need to have a rooster around.  Out of the 100+ hens he ordered last spring, 2 of them ended up not being hens…so he has 2 white leghorn roosters.  Perfect! 

He gathered 50 eggs for the first try.  They then marked an X on one side of the egg and an O on the other side.  The eggs need to be turned 2 or 3 times a day.  After they tweaked the incubator temperature , they put the eggs in and started counting down the days.  In another week or so, he hopes to have some baby chicks…that is if about 100 different variations were just right.  We’ll see. 


It is a very interesting science.  Yesterday, we candled (turn all the lights off and shined a flashlight under the egg to take a look inside) some of the eggs.  We were all excited to see baby peeps moving around inside.  How exciting is that!

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  • ourcrazyfarm says:

    Just a fun little FYI ~ The day or two before the chicks start hatching you can actually hear them peeping and scratching through the shells! It is fun to listen to them!