A great deal for your household store – Free Band-aids

I stumbled upon a great deal.  If you have the Publix grocery stores, there is a blinkie coupon machine on the first-aid / medicine aisle that spits out $3 of any 2 Johnson and Johnson products (red cross medical products).  I have heard of other people saying they have found these coupons at Walgreens, CVS and a few other grocery stores so even if you don’t have a Publix…you might still find the automated coupon machine with the J&J coupons in your local grocery store.

I have bought free…FREE…band-aids, gauze, tape, liquid band-aid glue and the like with the coupons.  Kroger had a bunch of the Johnson and Johnson medical products clearance out and you can pick up supplies using this coupon (it is a manufacture coupon) for very cheap to free. 

Publix has travel size band-aid kits for $1.47 each…so these are free with the coupon when you buy 2.  Target also carries the travel size kits for around .99 cents to $1.47 too.  CVS carries the band-aid kits too. 

Keep an eye out for the coupon–and stock up!



  • kbpraisehim says:

    I have had a very hard time finding this coupon. I am not giving up though. I am hoping to make it to publix this Friday to see if I can find this coupon there. I found the coupon on smartsource.com but my computer would not let me print it out. I was very frustrated about it. But I will keep trying to find these coupons. Thanks

  • BethTN says:

    I recently went back to Publix –the blinkie machine was gone!!! They do not leave them up for long—but be on the look out for different coupons in new blinkie machines they put up….
    That $3 off 2 coupons was a great one— hopefully another good one will come along! You might still find it floating around out there…I can’t remember the expiration date on it.