How to Plow a Field

This isn’t what I was searching for when I found this post, but I figure it will be useful when we get ready to plant some row crops soon. How … Continue Reading →

Barter on My Mind

A slow economy seems to make for busy times.  But in the midst of the busyness one thing keeps running through my mind.  How can we build an independent local … Continue Reading →

Town Home Gardening

Don’t despair if you live in town and want a garden…You can still have a great, productive garden!  We planted our very first garden during our first year of marriage.  … Continue Reading →

Real or Fake Food?

Here’s another good reason why you should know where your food is coming from.  This article from USA Today:  Something Fishy?  Counterfeit foods enter the U.S. market. Some of your … Continue Reading →