Some things get easier

The screaming and crying has calmed down.  The new goats have settled into their new home for now.  The baby that is being bottle fed is staying on the porch for now–he likes to look through the glass door and windows at us.  He is starting to eat, so we are cutting back on the bottle.  Since it has been arctic like around here lately, we have allowed the baby goat to stay on the porch mostly because we are trying not to venture too far from warmth. 

We found it quite entertaining to watch the goat get off the porch only to have our great, big Pyrenees herd him back up on the porch every time he would leave.  We love the Pyrenees.  If only he wasn’t scared of the sheep he is supposed to be guarding. 


The momma Nubian goat has turned out to be rather tame.  The boys have been milking her once a day so that we can have that milk to give to the brown baby Nubian.  We think she will turn out to be a fine milk goat. 


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