Record Egg Production and Then the Dog Kills the Chickens

We are nice farmers.  We gave the dog a second chance and she let us down.   

She has killed chickens in the past.  In our presence, she pretended to be chicken broke.  Lately, she seemed to have learned a lesson.  She even started letting them eat her food!

However, last night we discovered when you hear chickens squawking and flapping around at midnight, that isn’t good.  We also discovered that if you are running an egg business and have over 100 birds, you should never give a chicken killing dog a second chance.  Save yourself a lot of trouble and only have farm friendly dogs around.

Our boys were crushed to hear the news the next morning.  Dad sent them outside to gather the birds and survey the scene.  The carnage left us with 10 dead laying hens and a field of feathers.   It could have been worse but it seems that this is another one of those lessons in “What Not To Do Next Time”!

Over breakfast, I heard about the victims.  I heard the names and how they were related to one another…. “Junior’s sister, Fluffy Feet’s chick from the second group she hatched out, Speckled Neck’s sister, and a beloved Buff called Fluffy Feathers ..” 

The children were somber. 

The dog is soon to be out of here.

I am amazed they know so much chicken genealogy!


  • amys says:

    I’m lovin all the farm updates. It sounds like never a dull moment around there. If you still have enough egg production, we’d love to purchase some.

  • sandy says:

    Sorry, for the lost of chickens. Sounds like the boys really got to know them. They were faithful masters to the chickens, and they knew them by name. Separated from their good caretakers, they were victims to one looking for something to devour. The dog knew it had to have this feast when the boys weren’t around. Even this “low” in farm life is a wonderful illustration of what goes on in the spiritual life. Feel blessed that your children can learn these lessons from experience, like parables come to life. It’s a whole lot better than spending hour after hour on useless video games and cartoons (dog killing chickens kinda thing).

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