Pantry 2009: Glass Jars

I love glass jars.  I recently found a box of old glass mason jars in my cellar.  A couple of the jars were 33  year old Maxwell House Bicentenial 1776 collector’s jars.  Many others were your basic Ball and Kerr canning jars. 
Jars make great storage containers for the pantry.  The smaller jars can hold bulk spices and herbs.  The larger jars can hold basic pantry staples like sugar, salt, flour, beans and oats. 
I prefer to use gallon glass and 1/2 gallon glass jars for milk.  It seems to keep the milk  longer (in the refrigerator, not the pantry of course) and keeps the fresh taste.  I am sure it is probably healthier too.  Restaurants use to be a good place to find these glass jars, however, every restaurant I checked recently only had plastic gallon jugs.  
Costco and Sams carry pickles and sometimes olives in the glass gallon jars.  I purchased a few of them a while back when I was desperate for milk  jars.  I gave the pickles to the pig. 
I  found a couple of pickle jars at a yard sale.  I have also found them at thrift shops.  I found some quart glass jars and pint glass jars at the dollar store which have been quite durable.  Target also has some great glass containers and many times you can find a deal after season when they clearance them out. 
I soak the jars in some hot soapy water to remove the paper label and wash in the dishwasher. 
Adding jars filled with a variety of pantry basics like salt, sugar, flour, grits or grain make it interesting, attractive and functional, not to mention simple and inexpensive.    



  • Regina says:

    I like glass jars too and have a hard time finding the gallonn size. The pickle jars work great but you have to bleach the lids to get the pickle smell out! We just recently got a milk cow and started keeping milk. I read somewhere, I don’t know how true it is, that you shouldn’t put milk in plastic containers. I thought that strange when milk from the store comes in plastic jugs, maybe it is the fact that you can sterilize glass better?
    Thanks for the clue in on where to find some jars!
    Regina @skeetercreekfarm

  • Miss Mary says:

    I do that as well. i have pickle jars to pretzel containers and I place things like sugar, flour, salt, tea, coffee and such in them. They’re great for longer shelf life.
    Okay now this is post #3 in what? oh I don’t know 20 minutes. Can you tell I’m hooked on your site. All your information is great. Thanks for sharing. You’re really helping me. Hugs