Farm Life: Highs and Lows – Part One

God is so good to us that often times we take for granted the favours and blessings he daily gives on our behalf.  Farm life seems to have a built in mechanism to bring us back to that reality on a regular basis.  Last spring, when we had our first Vaughnshire lambs, we thought it was always suppose to be this easy.  We bought the sheep, we brought them home, and the very next day we had our first lamb.  A few days later we had our second lamb.  New baby lambs are definitely a farm life high.

In fact it was such a great experience we went right out and bought ourselves a ram so we could do it again this year.  And so we started, as Beth mentioned in the last post, on the coldest day in six years.  First thing Thursday morning we found our yearlying ewe in labor.  She was the odd ewe out last year not having a lamb, since she was only a few months old when we brought the three of them home.

Not to be out done, this year, she decided to lead the pack and go into labor first.  It was going to be a great day.  We would have a lamb born on our three year olds birthday.  How exciting would that be?  Our shepard, Pierce, was monitoring the birthing progress and giving us updates along the way.  Shortly after breakfast I manage to time my arrival with the camera to actually catch the last part of the birth on video.  See the little lady in the video clip below.

What a great deal.  The lamb was even another ewe, which means that we could increase our herd even more.  But, remember the title of the post is “Farm Life – Highs and Lows’, well it appears that this little lamb will not make it to be part of the herd.  The rest of the story I will tell on Monday for the sake of others who may find themselves in this situation one day.  For now, I’ll leave you with one of the highs in farm life. 


Tune in Monday for the Vaughnshire M.A.S.H. episode, where we will discuss the low and challanging times in farm life.

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