We are just too cold to blog.  No, really, just really busy.  We have had a grand time getting together a first ever Vaughnshire Egg Sale Day:  happening today at the adorable bakery on our little town square.  Our egg production has continued to climb despite the dog killing 10 of our good layers.  We collected over 70 eggs just yesterday. 

That means we have our back refrigerator full of eggs.  We ended up having to order some egg cartons.  Cleaning and putting away eggs has added a lot to the regular boy work every day.  But it has been so rewarding for them to see the hard work starting to pay off.  It is rewarding for me to see their efforts turn into baskets of country fresh farm eggs—just like they hoped it would!  

We are still anxiously awaiting  another lamb to be born!  It snowed yesterday and I thought for sure she would have her lamb (lambs) during the snow?  Not so. 

She is still waddling out there..if sheep can waddle, she does. 


  • amys says:

    Congrats on your first egg sale day! Your boys are learning so much!

  • daysofgrace says:

    My son has around 25 chickens and seems to just make enough money to buy more feed. (We buy 50lb. bags from the feed store.) Do you buy feed in bulk? Can you share what you do?
    Thanks for all your information on the economy.

  • Collin says:

    Out of curiosity, how much are you charging per dozen?