Green House Building

Dirt is finally being moved and arranged and metal stakes are being hammered in the ground.  The beginning stages of getting the green houses up are slow especially in cold, misty, dreary weather.  The boys have been actively engaged in learning how to build green houses.  They are invaluable help. 
Me, on the other hand, I watch them build…from far off.  I find myself offering too much “back seat driving advice” to hard working men.  Through my eyes it looks easy.  You know…maybe if you hammered the pole in the ground different it would work better. 
My job has been to look through the seed catalogs and figure out what we are going to grow.  Not only do we want to grow vegetables year round for our own family, but we want to grow starter vegetables and herbs to sell.  Do we start off with a variety of garden starter plants?  Do we grow one or two types of garden plants?  Do we grow popular herbs like basil and parsley?  Or is this just a crazy idea and should we stick to growing beef and pork?  I guess we will find out next year?


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  • csgunn says:

    Very exciting! We’ve been contemplating building a greenhouse as we just lost a small crop to the freeze last week. I’ve heard you can make a killing with something as easy as tomatoes. I’ll be watching to see how your adventure goes.